Author: Kaci Steuber

Ensuring Safety and Comfort throughout the Stages of Pregnancy with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Pregnancy is a unique and remarkable journey divided into three trimesters, each bringing unique changes and challenges. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers various techniques to enhance fertility, support a healthy pregnancy, and promote postnatal recovery. This article explores how methods such as acupuncture, Tui Na, ozone therapy, cupping, Chinese herbs, and Gua Sha can be…

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Preparing Your HVAC System for Lexington’s Seasonal Changes with Top Tier Heating and Air

Lexington, Kentucky – April 15, 2023 Top Tier Heating and Air, one of the leading HVAC companies Lexington ky, emphasizes the importance of seasonal maintenance to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency for HVAC systems in Lexington. With the city experiencing distinct seasonal changes, preparing HVAC systems for transitions between heating and cooling seasons is…

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